15th March – A date for your UAE outdoor diaries

On the 15th of March Arabia outdoors are holding “An Evening of Entertainment for Outdoor Enthusiasts”. Mike Nott and myself will be speaking.

Previous social events Simon has organised have gathered together a great group of people and this evening should be no different.

Mike Nott is a regional 4×4 authority, is the author of a soon to be published Outdoor UAE Advanced Offroad Guide and has had many adventures in the region and elsewhere. He’s a great guy Mike and his stories could lead you into some great off road adventures while his advice is likely to help you come through them in one piece.

I’ll be telling the story of our mildly epic initial attempt at circumnavigating the Musendam Penninsular including its untimely end along with the successful solo mission I completed immediataly afterwards. It is a fantastic world class sea paddlers destination and as well as telling the story I hope to provide racks of information on paddling in the area along with some top tips and handy hints.

Please help us provide a successful evening by sharing this post via facebook, twitter and other social media as well as doing the analogue version of sharing information by printing off the flyer below (click on the image) and sticking it on notice boards as well as telling your mates too.

click the image to download the pdf flyer

Tickets are available from myself or contact Simon by email on simon.cahill@arabiaoutdoors.com or by phone at 055 9556209

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