Is it a bird, is it a plane? Errr no?!? Its a flying sea kayak :/

Not often you find yourself up up and away in a 17ft long sea kayak but that’s what happened when I was surfing some rebound waves just outside of Port Stephens, NSW


I was surfing one wave rebounding off the cliff and another biggish wave was coming in, I was in an amazing sweet spot as the 2 waves met and peaked in perfect timing to launch me and all 30kg of boat and day gear way up in the air.

The landing was actually very nice and gentle but my rear day hatch did get popped off by the push of air up from the hold as I landed. The best thing was someone (Josh) caught it on video!!


Thursday 15th March 2012 – Arabian Outdoor Social Evening

Please come and join us and the outdoor community for a social evening organised by Simon Cahill of Arabia Outdoors. Mike Nott is speaking about his extensive 4×4 adventures in the region and launching his new advanced offroading book. I’ll be warming up for him talking about my Musendam Circumnavigation Adventure that was, I believe, the first complete Khasab to Khasab circuit including the portage over the isthmus. It didnt go entirely to plan, 4 of us started and I ended up doing the journey solo due to a mild issue with deportation. Come along to the evening and I’ll tell you the whole story along with giving a guide to kayaking in this world class paddling destination.

click on the image to download the pdf



15th March – A date for your UAE outdoor diaries

On the 15th of March Arabia outdoors are holding “An Evening of Entertainment for Outdoor Enthusiasts”. Mike Nott and myself will be speaking.

Previous social events Simon has organised have gathered together a great group of people and this evening should be no different.

Mike Nott is a regional 4×4 authority, is the author of a soon to be published Outdoor UAE Advanced Offroad Guide and has had many adventures in the region and elsewhere. He’s a great guy Mike and his stories could lead you into some great off road adventures while his advice is likely to help you come through them in one piece.

I’ll be telling the story of our mildly epic initial attempt at circumnavigating the Musendam Penninsular including its untimely end along with the successful solo mission I completed immediataly afterwards. It is a fantastic world class sea paddlers destination and as well as telling the story I hope to provide racks of information on paddling in the area along with some top tips and handy hints.

Please help us provide a successful evening by sharing this post via facebook, twitter and other social media as well as doing the analogue version of sharing information by printing off the flyer below (click on the image) and sticking it on notice boards as well as telling your mates too.

click the image to download the pdf flyer

Tickets are available from myself or contact Simon by email on or by phone at 055 9556209

Lets talk about….. Adventure

Adventure is something I know I’m passionate about, I can feel myself get animated when I talk about it. It inspires me, motivates me, makes me laugh, smile or even cry when I see people affected by it. Looking back when it’s not in my life I feel unhappy, dissatisfied and ill at ease with myself although I often wont realise that’s what the probable cause is at the time.

I’ve never been much of a writer but generating the posts on this blog has been really interesting and now, for some reason, I feel a need to write about my thoughts on adventure. Not quite sure where this will go, where it will end or how it will be recieved (if I press the publish button of course). Guess its just a different kind of adventure! Let me know what you think in the comments at the end please 🙂 Continue reading “Lets talk about….. Adventure”

A reason to get up in the morning – because the surf is likely to be better

The past couple of mornings I’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn to make the most of early morning surf conditions. We don’t get a lot of swell here in the Arabian Gulf so I’ve felt the need to make the most of it.

But why get up so early? Why not go after work? Often the waves get bigger here in the afternoon because the wind tends to significantly pick up from noon onwards. The problem is the afternoon winds that pick up are typically onshore, with the waves and this literally pushes them down early making for mushy conditions. When the breeze is offshore it blows into the face of the oncoming waves and holds them up. It makes for much cleaner waves that feel so much nicer to ride.

But what has this got to do with sacrificing  a warm comfortable bed for damp paddling kit and a dip in the sea. Continue reading “A reason to get up in the morning – because the surf is likely to be better”

The sheer scale of the problem caused by plastic bottles highlighted to me

The following 2 photos were taken on a small beach on the wild, beautiful and largely uninhabited East Coast of the Musendam Peninsular during this trip. To be honest I dont think I’ve quite captured just how many bottles there were. It has highlighted to me the sheer scale of the problem caused by plastic bottles thrown away.

Continue reading “The sheer scale of the problem caused by plastic bottles highlighted to me”

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