Excellent ‘how to bike’ video series by Ben Cathro for Pinkbike

In this ten-part series for Pinkbike, Ben Cathro is breaking down fundamental bike skills and techniques that will make you a better rider. I’m saving these here so I can easily find them in the future. As a coach they are a great resource both for clients and for myself. Ben’s thoughts and processes largely align with my own and so the information is great to have to hand both for someone I’m working with or as a refresh for myself prior to a coaching session.

On top of the content the production value from Pinkbike is excellent. Its well shot and edited plus those neat little graphics sprinkled liberally through out add real value. Well done Ben and Pinkbike High Five!!

OK, grab a brew and lets get into it

What do you think of these videos, have you learnt something or is it all Blah blah blah?

What’s your favourite coaching tip? Let folks know in the comments below

EP 1 How To Actually Learn New Skills On Your Bike

In Episode 1 Ben starts with the oft overlooked but most fundamental of fundamentals, how to actually learn something. Bravo Ben, awesome start.

EP 2 Pro Mountain Bike Setup Guide

For episode two of How To Bike, Ben Cathro takes a deep dive on geometry, stem lengths, suspension settings, and everything in between.

EP 3 Decoding The Best Mountain Biking Body Position

Eyes up, elbows out, knees slightly bent. You’ve heard it all before. But what does that all really mean and is it all necessary?

EP 4 Absorbing Trail Features & Maintaining Speed

Ben Cathro breaks down how to stay balanced over the bike while absorbing trail features.

EP 5 How To Use Your Brakes To Actually Ride Faster

Braking is one of the most important skills to master on your bike. Ben Cathro is back to explain proper braking technique.

E6 How To Get More Speed From Trails With Pumping

Ever wonder how your riding buddies keep pulling away from you on the trail even though you’re not braking? Well, they are probably using the terrain to their advantage and pumping in the right spots to generate extra speed

E7 Line Choice Is Easier Than You Think With These Rules

Ever wondered how to pick good lines and where to look when you’re riding? Ben has broken it down into 8-ish simple rules. Note – this is a 2 for one deal and includes vision, where to look and when

E8 How To Master Any Corner

This time we’re going deep on one of the most important mountain bike skills, cornering. From flat corners to berms and everything in between, Ben breaks down the techniques to help you carry speed and nail those tricky turns.

9 Drops – I know I know, Ben will upload it soon

10 Jumps – last one. Soon soon

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