Excellent ‘how to bike’ video series by Ben Cathro for Pinkbike

In this ten-part series for Pinkbike, Ben Cathro is breaking down fundamental bike skills and techniques that will make you a better rider. I’m saving these here so I can easily find them in the future. As a coach they are a great resource both for clients and for myself. Ben’s thoughts and processes largely align with my own and so the information is great to have to hand both for someone I’m working with or as a refresh for myself prior to a coaching session.

On top of the content the production value from Pinkbike is excellent. Its well shot and edited plus those neat little graphics sprinkled liberally through out add real value. Well done Ben and Pinkbike High Five!!

OK, grab a brew and lets get into it

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Te Ahi Manawa Video trail guide – Grade 5 Rotorua Redwoods New Zealand

Te Ahi Manawa, “The Burning Heart”, is another favourite trail of mine although one I don’t ride enough. It takes a technical line through some beautiful forest on the South Eastern side of the trail and descends down to Lake Rotokakahi (Green Lake).

In this video it looks like I’m just pootling along, I’m certainly not pushing the envelope!! Its a narrow trail with lots of nadgery bits and trees to clack your bars on. When pushing hard it is a significant challenge.

The A line branch hop seen at 00:01:14 is actually easier than it looks but requires good commitment. I’ve ridden it before easily enough but forgot it was coming this time down and its definitely something to be ready for.

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Billy-T and G-Rock Video trail guide – Grade 4 Rotorua Redwoods New Zealand

Billy T starts just up the hill from the drop off of the Hill Road shuttles and is, therefore, a popular well ridden grade 4 trail in the Redwoods. It starts through native bush before popping out into the post apocolyptic wasteland of recently harvested forest. G-Rock continues on through the nuclear winter-esque landscape via some big corners.

As a Grade 4 trail its fun technical and flowy then gets fast and loose as it breaks into the open. The big drop (seen in the video) has been replaced since filming with a big table top boosting into a super fast lander. I preferred the drop but the new feature is still fun.

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K2 Video trail guide – Grade 5 Rotorua Redwoods New Zealand

K2 is a steep grade 5 on the open side of the hill with fun, technical riding but lots to catch you out, it’s a good challenge.

In the video you’ll see the awkward, steep, tight corners and big off camber roots that make this a challenging track. When thinking about the days route its a very useful link from the Katore Road area over to the Hot X Buns and Hill Road Shuttle areas.

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Box of Birds Video trail guide – Grade 3 Rotorua Redwoods New Zealand

Box of Birds is one of my favourite trails in Rotorua. It has fun technical sections and loads of flow.

Its given grade 3 on the Whakarewarewa Forest maps but I think it definitely deserves grade 4. Have a look at the video and see what you think, let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on the YouTube video. I’ll put trail data and trailforks links below so you can easily find it and ride it for yourself.

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12/10/2012 Showka Descents Video + Wadi Racer Strava Segment

Had a great ride yesterday. I’ve quickly put together some of the chest mounted GoPro footage edited to include some of the key descents of the area and posted it on my vimeo account

It includes a full un edited run of Wadi Racer which is in my opinion the definitive Hot Cog track. I’ve set up a Strava segment called “Wadi Racer Short TT” that can be found at http://app.strava.com/segments/2559689

So lets see who is quickest along this very gradually descending fast and technical boulder fest. If your going to play make sure your bike is feeling strong 😉



First ride at Showka on the BMC Trail Fox (inc Video)

On Thursday I received a BMC Trail Fox TR02 from Adventure HQ in Times Square, Dubai. I’ve set up a page under “My Bikes” to post detailed information about it. You can find the page at https://ianganderton.wordpress.com/my-bikes/bmc-trail-fox-tr02/

Here is a youtube video I’ve put together using footage from a chest mounted Gopro camera I was wearing on the bikes inaugral / shakedown ride at Showka on Friday morning.

The first outing and shake down ride for the BMC Trail Fox. Out from the roundabout Weaved our way up to and through Lisa’s Gash to the top of the bridge descent. The descent from the bridge is feeling great ATM! Then through and up to Wadi Racer. From the top of the steep gully across the ‘plain’ and then down the wadi to the resting tree by the farm took about 9:51. This should be clocked on Strava as the short Wadi Racer time trial. There needs to be a longer one that includes the ascent. From there it was over and round Gregors Mount (pause for face plant incident) before heading home. Just over 30km I believe. Top ride. New bike was tested on some of the best and toughest that Showka has to offer and I’ve got to say I’m pretty damn impressed! Great ride folks, shukkran

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For more information on mountain biking in the UAE check out the UAE Mountain Biking page on my blog at https://ianganderton.wordpress.com/uae-mountain-biking/

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