Billy-T and G-Rock Video trail guide – Grade 4 Rotorua Redwoods New Zealand

Billy T starts just up the hill from the drop off of the Hill Road shuttles and is, therefore, a popular well ridden grade 4 trail in the Redwoods. It starts through native bush before popping out into the post apocolyptic wasteland of recently harvested forest. G-Rock continues on through the nuclear winter-esque landscape via some big corners.

As a Grade 4 trail its fun technical and flowy then gets fast and loose as it breaks into the open. The big drop (seen in the video) has been replaced since filming with a big table top boosting into a super fast lander. I preferred the drop but the new feature is still fun.

Billy T

Trailforks Trail Data –

Distance: 2,023 m
Climb: 2 m
Descent: -167 m
Avg time: 00:09:10

Trailforks says:

Starts from the top of Tawa end on Moerangi Rd. Sweet flowing downhill singletrack.
Downhill craziness that feels extreme but isn’t, if you can get up to it the Billy is the best. I can’t believe riders are rating this as a 3 This trail is so sweet I could kiss it. It rides particularly well in the spring after the trail has dried a bit and before the summer sun bakes it to dust. There are so many lines you want to ride it again and again, plus it provides a great connection to Moerangi then to Loop Rd and Split Enz.
It’s not super technical – give it a smack.

January 2020 – has been reopened after logging with slash moved out of the way. Still needs work to make it Billy T again.


Trailforks Trail Data –

Distance: 1,337 m
Climb: 1 m
Descent: –61 m
Avg time: 00:05:04

Trailforks says:

Sweet singletrack, smooth and flowing with very little pedalling required.
A few natural doubles and lines that you’ll enjoy if you remember them coming up on subsequent rides.
Good design that is able to be ridden slowly by those who are newer to riding or less confident in their abilities, while being lots of fun for faster riders.

The style of the trail fits well with the nature of riding Billy T first, then G Rock, then into Rollercoaster and Moonshine trails.

Click image to go to Trailforks Rotorua’s Whakarewarewa Forest Map

Camera – Chest mounted GoPro Hero 8

1080 60fps
Lens Wide
Hypersmooth High

Video processing and editing software
Hitfilm Express

Output Settings: 1080 30fps

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