Photoshoot -MTB Selfie TRAP FOCUS

This was a challenging but fun project. What do you do when you need some images for the social media feed but no one is available to be your model?

Trap Focus Selfies is the answer!!


Love how this shot above came out, isn’t that shadow on the huge majestic gum just awesome

The trail is Holy Trail in the Royal National Park, NSW. Another favourite of mine just a few minutes warm-up riding from my Sydney front door. Once you’ve found where to pump through the tech its a rowdy fast trail that’s loads of fun to ride

So how does trap focus work? Let me explain

My camera is a Canon 6D DSLR and I’m using my much loved 50mm 1.4. On the SD card, I have some extra software installed called Magic Lantern, this kinda gives my camera superpowers.

One of the superpowers is to self trigger the shutter when something comes into focus. So I can set up the camera with the lens set at a predetermined (guessed) point that I’m going to (hopefully) ride through. As I pass through the focus point I’m momentarily in focus and ‘pop’ the shutter activates, triggers the off-camera flash units and bobs my uncle, billy’s a whizz hopefully (there is a lot of hoping) I’ve got an image

Have a look at these others and comment below to tell me what you think


This is Mill Creek. I loved this section off right from the top of Black Hawk Down. Rough, natural and rowdy, rocks moving around under you. The Mill Creek trail fairies didn’t like it though, too messy :sadface :bottom-lip-out so they’ve built something smooth and boring around it and got rid of my favorite few metres of trail


Bouncing down that same favourite section at Mill Creek


Sydney sandstone on Holy Trail in the Royal

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