Surfari #7,Joe’s Point, Asilah, Oman. (AGAIN!!!)

3 day weekend, civilised temperatures, reliable surf, tough get ins at Knuckles and turtles nesting below the camp

I’m loving the weekend trips to Oman surfing. Here are some photos from this weekends trip. Click on the photos to go to the my Picasa album, there is a link to the photos on facebook at the bottom of the post and there is a slide show containing lots of the photos also at the bottom

Andy at Knuckles

Andy braving difficult get in conditions at Knuckles
Turtle nest below camp at Joes Point
Turtle tracks from the nest back to the sea

Here is a slideshow with loads more photos from the trip

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more information on future trips on the Surf Adventures UAE Facebook Group or via the Surf Shop Dubai Facebook Group

To find the photos on facebook click HERE

6 thoughts on “Surfari #7,Joe’s Point, Asilah, Oman. (AGAIN!!!)

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  1. hey,
    man……i m trying to get into surfing……..i know in dubai there are some waves but i heard in oman is much better…… it possible to rent boards in oman and is it possible to camp at jos point……and is there any waves around december and january……i m waiting for your reply….thanks in advance……nick

    1. Hi Nick, sorry for the delay in replying to your comment, I’ve been in Sri Lanka surfing.

      The east coast of Oman from Ras al Had down all the way to Salalah is a pretty wild coat with not much else than a few fishing villages along the way. When travelling that way you need to go pretty self sufficient with everything including boards and food.

      The surf down that coast is largely generated by the returning monsoon winds generated by the monsoon over the Indian sub continent. This means the ‘season’ is the same as the Indian Monsoon i.e. June July and August.

      There obviously will be waves at other times but they’ll be a lot less reliable. Check out the Magic Seaweed forecast here

      Hope this helps


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