Is it a bird, is it a plane? Errr no?!? Its a flying sea kayak :/

Not often you find yourself up up and away in a 17ft long sea kayak but that’s what happened when I was surfing some rebound waves just outside of Port Stephens, NSW


I was surfing one wave rebounding off the cliff and another biggish wave was coming in, I was in an amazing sweet spot as the 2 waves met and peaked in perfect timing to launch me and all 30kg of boat and day gear way up in the air.

The landing was actually very nice and gentle but my rear day hatch did get popped off by the push of air up from the hold as I landed. The best thing was someone (Josh) caught it on video!!


Surfari #7,Joe’s Point, Asilah, Oman. (AGAIN!!!)

3 day weekend, civilised temperatures, reliable surf, tough get ins at Knuckles and turtles nesting below the camp

I’m loving the weekend trips to Oman surfing. Here are some photos from this weekends trip. Click on the photos to go to the my Picasa album, there is a link to the photos on facebook at the bottom of the post and there is a slide show containing lots of the photos also at the bottom

Andy at Knuckles

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New surf board design thoughts

I’m taking the plunge and ordering a long board. Because its going to be custom made I get to have a custom design on the deck.

Long boards are retro and so a retro design is in order. I’ve trawled google images for inspiration and Carl of Surf Shop Dubai has sent through a pdf full of designs to help.

Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to

decisions decisions

The pad wont be there, its just on the image I’ve used.

So what do you think? Red and Blue or Blue and Red?

Pics from the weekends surf safari to Oman

Just a quick post to show some photos from the weekends surf trip to Oman. 4 fantastic days organised by Carl of Surf Shop Dubai and Surf Adventures UAE.

As you can see in the photos Joes Point was a beautiful location with a great variety of waves suitable for everyone- beginners (me), shredders (Carl), long boards, short boards and SUPs.

Carl has more trips running to Joes Point, Oman, as well as surf adventures to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. After this weekend I’d give a full thumbs up and recommend anyone to make the most of Carls expertise and get themselves on one of his trips.

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Lets go surfing now, everybody’s learning how, come on a safari with me….

My problem has always been I’m a kayaker! Since I first sat in a boat when I was 9 its meant the instant gratification of catching a wave without needing to stand up has always been open to me. As I got more experienced I was able to move on to paddle skis and surf at some great breaks.


I’ve always had a hankering to be able to stand up and eventually I’m getting round to making the effort. Next weekend I’m heading to Oman with Carl and Surf Adventures UAE and I’m really looking forward to it.

Click the image for more info on surfing in Oman

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