Articles in OutdoorUAE Magazine March 2011

In the March edition of Outdoor UAE there are 3 articles either by me or featuring my photos. Click on the posts images below to download pdf copies or, even better, support the only specialist outdoor press in the UAE and go out and get a copy for yourself đŸ˜‰

I’m really keen to support Daniel in his project. Its the only specialist outdoor press we have here in the UAE. If you have an advertising budget and are looking for a cost effective way of reaching the significant outdoor community in the region then check them out –

2 articles are taken from blog posts on here, first is about plastic bottle waste –

click image to download pdf

The second is a top tip regarding the most useful substance on the planet, Gaffa Tape, and how to help make sure you’ve always got some to hand

click on the image to download pdf

Last is an article written by Pete Aldwinckle, using my photos, about the recent mountain rescue in Wadi Ghalilah

click on the image to download pdf

2 thoughts on “Articles in OutdoorUAE Magazine March 2011

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  1. Thanks for the Gaffa tape tips Ian- who’d of guessed you could store it in so many ways! I’ve always carried it on the roll it comes on, your article has really helped me out. I do now find it difficult to write with my pen though. You must have massive hands.

    1. Richard, I’m glad you found the tip useful. I certainly have over the years. The trick with the pen is to position it much higher up, away from the tip.

      Of course you know what they say about big hands đŸ˜‰

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