Spring 2011 Nepal Kayaking Trip- Proposed Itinerary

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For those who are interested here’s the outline plan for our trip to Nepal.

Fri 01-Apr-11      Flight
DXB (Terminal 2) 07:00 > KTM  13:00. (KTM is 1:45 hrs ahead of Dubai)
30 day Visa on landing $40 (15 day $25) + 1 passport photo. $3 dollars a day fine. Accomodation- Bagpacker, Thamel, KTM (4 to 6 ukp per night). Book morning bus, work out the logistics for the last part of the trip, visit Patishputinath, Boudhanath and Happy hour (Thamel)

Sat 02-Apr-11     Trisuli
Early morning bus out of KTM. 450 for a tourist bus ticket to the Trisuli. Local bus is around 150Rps. Put in at Malekhu or Chauraudi (if you don’t fancy Teen Devi rapid!) camp Kuring Ghat…nice sandy beach. Trisuli (grade III/III+) and overnight on beach. A good safe introduction to big water and Himalayan rivers. ‘Upset’ rapid will have some people testing their rolling technique!”

Sun 03-Apr-11   Trisuli
Complete the Trisuli, finishing the day on the ‘Pin Ball’ rapid. Bus to Pokhara. Paddle down to Mugling or Panch Kilo. Mugling is a shorter day but it is easier to get transport to Pokhara. You’ll be looking at 200(ish) for a local bus

Mon 04-Apr-11 Pokhara
This will be our chance to get to grips with current water levels, make contacts with logistics providers, sort out the Kali and Marsy logistics, chillax and have a beer

Tue 05-Apr-11   Kali Gandaki
make an early start from Pokhara and head to Beni aiming for as much time on the river as possible. First rapids are the biggest of this trip and are easily portaged if not in the mood just yet.

Wed 06-Apr-11 Kali Gandaki
From : Beni (Alt. 820m) To : Andhi Khola (Alt. 540m) Distance : 60 km (37 miles) Days : 3 Days From Pokhara : 4 hours Av. Gradient : 5 m/km (25ft a mile) Volume in Nov : 120 cms (4200cfs) Best Season : Oct-Dec, March-May Rapids Name: Little Brother, Big brother, Walk and Bake, Good Morning Cobra, Walk in the Dark”

Thu 07-Apr-11   Kali Gandaki
Finish the river and then aim to travel through Pokhara on to Besisahar . It could be a good option to do the Marsy days in the ‘wrong order’. The third day below the damn is the easiest and so would be good preparation for the harder more continuous grade 4 up stream

Fri 08-Apr-11      Marshyangdi
Paddle the third day below the dam first then haul our asses back to Besisahar and then up to Khudi or Bulebule. Bulebule is the gateway to the Anapurna circuit and passing this point requires stumping up for a permit. The section from Ngadi down to Bulebule if awesome but continuous and sustained grade 4+.

Sat 09-Apr-11     Marshyangdi
Bulebule to Khudi. Relaxed pace on great water. Surf waves, hang out at tea houses and work our way through the breakfast, lunch, tea and momo menus

Sun 10-Apr-11   Marshyangdi
Paddle down to Besi Sahar to where the water starts to back up from the dam. Make our way to town and catch a bus to KTM

Mon 11-Apr-11 Kathmandu

Tue 12-Apr-11   Upper Sun Kosi
Local transport or private vehicle about three hour drive depending on road conditions. Upper Sun Kosi (grade III+)

Wed 13-Apr-11 Belephi Khola
Will need to hire a 4×4 for this as from Belephi (village) it is a good hour off road. (Chrissy says: “”Let me know if you want a driver, we have good connections in that area!””). The Balephi (grade III+) is a great fun, low volume river that makes a change from the large volume rivers paddled so far”

Thu 14-Apr-11   Bhote Kosi
Bhote Kosi (grade IV+/V)! This is a much more intense and demanding river, and will be a good test of your previous two weeks paddling skills
Nepali New Year (14 April 2011): The Nepalese New Year’s Day usually falls in the second week of April. i .e. the first day of Baisakh. The day is observed as a national holiday. The people celebrate it with a great pomp and show. On this occasion, Bisket Jatra is held in the city of Bhaktapur.”

Fri 15-Apr-11      Bhote Kosi
Local transport or private vehicle back to KTM. about three hour drive depending on road conditions.

Sat 16-Apr-11     Flight
Early morning Monkey Temple. Walk back into Durbar Square for lunch. Lunch and shopping. Need to be at airport 1600hrs. Airport Departure Tax Rs. 1695. KTM 19:05 > DXB (Terminal 2) 22:00

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