New Edition of Iconic White Water Nepal Guide now available

First published in 1991 the Third Edition of the White Water Nepal Guide is now available. This iconic rafting and kayaking guide book has seen a thorough update and there are some significant changes.

Benn planning adventures Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal

Firstly the original author, Peter ‘Green Slime’ Knowles, has been joined by co author Daz Clarkson who is one of expedition kayakings leading lights. Daz spends several months a year running trips in Nepal through Pure Land Expeditions and is the only person in the world to have kayaked all the rivers that flow from Everest. His current knowledge and expertise have helped bring the guide bang up to date.

Secondly the guide is now printed in Nepal. Daz says “As co authors we wanted to keep the style and feel of the 1st and 2nd edition, it is an iconic guidebook and we felt it mattered to people that they were able to return to it like an old friend. The book was made in Nepal, jointly published by Rivers Publishing in the UK and Himalayan Map House in Kathmandu.For me it was a great learning curve to be sat working in the publishers in Kathmandu, working away with traditional cut/paste. The finished product is perfect, it shows the great development in Nepal and the increase of river running in the Himalayas.”

The guide is an invaluable tool for anyone planning a rafting or kayaking experience in Nepal whether as a client with a rafting company or as a dirtbag boater planning an extended season. The book is packed to the gunwales with information, stories, cartoons and detail that will both entertain and inform both beginner and seasoned verteran.

Career Warning– Reading this book could lead you into the world of the expedition kayaker/rafter. It is a world of discovery including real adventure, cultural understanding, gobsmaking natural beauty and incredibile people achieving truly staggering things. If you’d rather sit in front of a screen of Column A and Column B than by a camp fire on a white sandy beach museing the days adventures while trying to spot satelites as they move across the sky in front of the Milky Way then this is not the life for you. Unfortunately these life choices don’t fit very well with a sensible career your Mother would approve of.

The Third Edition of White Water Nepal by Peter Knowles and Darren Clarkson-King (ISBN 978-0-9550614-2-4) is jointly published by Rivers Publishing U.K. and Himalayan Map House Nepal and available from all good book shops.

Rivers running with positive karma – Nepal Kayak Trip Spring 2011

If you dont fancy reading my ramblings cut to the chase, scroll down the post and watch the 4 minute 20 second photo slide show with music at the end of the post

What a fantastic couple of weeks. Obviously I was expecting to have a great trip, you dont go for 2 weeks in Nepal expecting it to be a bit crap now do you, but some how it exceeded my wildest expectations.

View from the plane window as we approached Kathmandu

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New Music for Nepal Trip – Facebook Friends Recomendations

Following this post here is the conversation that ensued on facebook – surnames have been removed to protect the innocent 😉

There are some fantastic recommendations in there, just hope Dubai’s Virgin Megastore has them in stock, enjoy Continue reading “New Music for Nepal Trip – Facebook Friends Recomendations”

New music for Nepal trip required- please help

So the plane ticket is booked, I’ve got a tick list of rivers and a Nepal Lonely Planet Guide. I’m really excited to be going back to Nepal, its been way tooooooo long, 10 years too long in fact. 2 weeks kayaking, depart 1st Aprilm fly back 16th April. Currently the tick list includes Kali Gandaki, Marshyangdi, Madi Khola, Modi Khola, Belephi Khola and Bhote Khosi

I’m not sure whether I can get across just how excited I am about this. The 2 post monsoon seasons I did safety kayaking there in 1999 and 2000 left a huge impression on me, both where truly life changing experiences. God help anyone who knows me over the next month as I’m very likely to be a complete Nepal bore. I can feel it happening.

But for now I want some help from folks. I need some recommendations on some new music for the trip. Now its not just as easy as just listing some tracks or an album, recommendations have to fit into categories as listed below. First I explain the background to this and then the catagories. Continue reading “New music for Nepal trip required- please help”

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