New Music for Nepal Trip – Facebook Friends Recomendations

Following this post here is the conversation that ensued on facebook – surnames have been removed to protect the innocent 😉

There are some fantastic recommendations in there, just hope Dubai’s Virgin Megastore has them in stock, enjoy

Darren for the time on Freak Steet.
Monday at 19:26

Darren you will hear this alot on the buses
Monday at 19:28

the drums is an awesome listen, put that one down as evening music. same with adele’s new one. thinking on the bus theme…… i’ll come back to you
Monday at 20:42 · Like

Ian Ganderton
hmmmm, not sure about your suggestions Daz. Looking for an alternative to over loaded speakers blaring out the bollywood on the buses.
tick- The Drums is on the list
Monday at 21:01 · Like

1> Smog “A river ain’t too much to love’ – album2>The Go! Team “Rollin’ Blackouts” – album3>Gruff Rhys “Candylion”
Monday at 21:10 · Like

2nd the Go! team
Monday at 21:11 · Like

Ian Ganderton
Stew- cool, haven’t listened to any of those for some reason. Going to test out the Virgin store’s catalogue this week I think.
Monday at 21:22 · Like

you heard Kaizers Orchestra? Violeta Violeta is a wicked album, maybe in the bus music? Fourtet’s album Rounds for on top of the bus. Bit of the Shins (wincing the night away)/Broken Bells for the evening? I’ll think of some more!
Monday at 22:12 · Like

in fact, what about fourtet for in the bus, fourtet on the bus and fourtet for in the eves? But defo some fourtet for the chilling – ‘There is love in you’ is an outstanding album. Bonobo’s ‘Black Sands’ is some great chillin to.
Monday at 22:30 · Like

whatcha listening to at the mo yan? hope all is well
Monday at 22:32 · Like

Ian Ganderton
Queens of the stone age has been on a lot for a while now. Going to see 30 seconds to mars on friday in Abu Dhabi which will be my first proper gig since Leeds and then also going to see the Streets on the 18th on the beach at Barasti which will be fantastically weird.
Monday at 22:41 · Like

Latest Underworld album is really good. James Blake is very chilled, if a bit leftfield. Elbow’s new one is out today.
Monday at 23:49 · Like

Get a 160gb IPod an you can take everything you can beg borrow and download. The genius mix does exactly what it says on the tin!
Tuesday at 02:03 · Like

Ian Ganderton
Dunc- Sounds good, added to the shopping list
John- I have a 160Gb classic that’s superb, love it. But just brought one of the new nanos for this trip. Its obscenely compact and light, makes the classic feel like a brick. 24hr music play back battery life too!!! Current dilemma is whether to take my X Mini speaker.
We’re planning to do a series of short river trips but wont be returning to a base so will be living out of our boats which means being really frugal on kit and weight
Tuesday at 06:58 · Like

AC/DC for when ur on the go 😉
Tuesday at 13:02 · Like

Ian Ganderton
ahhhhh, ACDC’s “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It” saves me up to 10% driving time on a typical journey but costs quite a bit in speeding fines 😦
Tuesday at 13:11 · Like

hahaha i could understand that.. 😛
Tuesday at 14:05 · Like

wot r u doin in Nepal buddy?
Tuesday at 14:15 · Like

Ian Ganderton
2 week kayak trip, several short 2 and 3 day trips rather than the longer 8 to 10 day big water runs on the Kanarli or Sun Kosi
Tuesday at 14:20 · Like

surely the music blaring out of the bus radio is an integral part of going to Nepal?
Tuesday at 14:56 · Like

Ian Ganderton
It is integral for sure but then so are leeches, sun burn and the shits. Anyone in their right mind wants to minimise the exposure to all. Last thing I want to do is blare Bollywood sound tracks out of my ipod headphone too 🙂
Tuesday at 15:17 · Like

1. on the buses .. cliff richard . holiday2. muse.. anything3. any random yogurt weaving ethnic tie died, finding yourself, plinky plonky temple hippy music with pan pipes
Yesterday at 10:11 · Like

or just a whole selection of hindi film soundtracks
Yesterday at 10:11 · Like

Ian Ganderton
Hmmmm, Muse, havent listened to them in a while.
Cliff Richard? I’d rather hammer my knob flat!!
My mp3 player has a built in radio. I’m sure there is plenty of Radio Bollywood in Kathmandu and Pokhara 😦
Yesterday at 10:37 · Like

yeah the first one was a piss take to be honest
Yesterday at 10:48 · Like

Ian Ganderton
But Andy I’ve always had you down as a big Cliff Richard fan 🙂
Yesterday at 10:51 · Like

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