Box of Birds Video trail guide – Grade 3 Rotorua Redwoods New Zealand

Box of Birds is one of my favourite trails in Rotorua. It has fun technical sections and loads of flow.

Its given grade 3 on the Whakarewarewa Forest maps but I think it definitely deserves grade 4. Have a look at the video and see what you think, let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on the YouTube video. I’ll put trail data and trailforks links below so you can easily find it and ride it for yourself.

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Yeah Boi – Kiwi MTBikers Half Marathon Shuttle Run in Isolation

It sounds like Ed Masters has come up with an epically daft plan and has managed to talk his mates into it too. Ed and 3 fellow mountain biker racers currently in isolation in New Zealand after arriving back from international World Cup racing are planning to complete a half marathon run this weekend to raise money for charity.

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Learning Models – Piles of Success

This is my first post in a series I’m planning to share on learning models I find useful. This model I call “Piles of Success”. I find it helps me understand the importance of initial experiences and structuring in the risk of failure as a learning process unfolds. I find people I’m working with also find it useful as a way of understanding a component of their own learning processes. Continue reading “Learning Models – Piles of Success”

MTB Race Photos Australia

I’ve had a lot of fun racing bikes in Australia the past few years. Some great riding and cool events and some truly greats mates made through it.

One thing that is really well done is the race photos, event organisers elsewhere could learn a thing or 2 from how its done.

Photos are free to competitors, they are paid for by the sponsors. I think the sponsors get a great deal from this, just have a scan down these images, they are all plastered with logos and this is how they have been shared on social media. Isnt that a great association for a brand, people out there doing it and having loads of fun then sharing with their riding mates is a very connected way, perfect!


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Is it a bird, is it a plane? Errr no?!? Its a flying sea kayak :/

Not often you find yourself up up and away in a 17ft long sea kayak but that’s what happened when I was surfing some rebound waves just outside of Port Stephens, NSW


I was surfing one wave rebounding off the cliff and another biggish wave was coming in, I was in an amazing sweet spot as the 2 waves met and peaked in perfect timing to launch me and all 30kg of boat and day gear way up in the air.

The landing was actually very nice and gentle but my rear day hatch did get popped off by the push of air up from the hold as I landed. The best thing was someone (Josh) caught it on video!!


Tips & Tricks -Upright Canister Stoves in Cold Conditions

Its winter here in Australia and that means sub zero conditions in the Southern Highlands and Snowy Mountains. Cold is the enemy of my Jetboil because as low temperature makes it more difficult for the gas in the canister to evaporate and the pressure is reduced.

So off to the internet to look for solutions. I was initially looking to see if there was an adaptor available to make the canister ‘remote’ in the way my old epigas alpine stove used to be. Instead I sumbled across a much cheaper DIY option that is genius in its simplicity – the Heat Exchange or HX Strip


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