Dear Blog – please accept my apologies

for I have been neglecting you for far to long.

Starting with this post I aim to make it back up to you in some small way by paying you some attention.

My excuse is poor, I was initially distracted by glossy print and then suffered a bit of writers block leading to me not writing or producing images of anything for anyone, not even you dear Blog.

So to make amends I’m going to start a new page detailing my new found enthusiasm for cycling in the desert. I need to tell you all about it, about some big adventures I’ve had and about future plans. I’ve got some plans to use video as well as photos too so we’ll see how that goes.

I intend to spend plenty more time in Oman surfing this summer too. I felt like I missed out last summer with all the visa and passport malarky to start off with and then not being at home much as the summer wore on. I will have a root through some of the photos from last summers travels and share the better less boring holiday snaps with you too, I’ll not to over do it though, most holiday snaps are only interesting for those who were there!

So enough apologies, action speaks louder than words.


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