Tubeless update – Front tyre is tubeless again

Previously blogged:
Following problems with the front tyre and rim combination blowing out a couple of times and converting the tubeless set up back to a tyre and inner tube set up for a while I eventually decided to give Just Riding Along a ring to ask about the benifits of steel vs kevlar beads and how this compares to UST tyres when used with UST rims.
The outcome of the conversation was that they likes the kevlar tyres and found them to work well. Partly this is to do with the way they sit well on the rim when they’re deflated helping them get the inital seal to allow inflation.
The solution they suggested to my problem was to put a rim strip on the tubeless rim.
So thats what I’ve done and it seems to be working well. Its great running tubeless on the front again, I’m back running the lower pressures and getting the grip that that gives me.
As and when the 819 rim I have on the front needs replacing I won’t replace it with another UST rim. Wheel builders don’t like them as they are a faff to build and work on plus they are considerable more expensive.

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