Gear Review in May’s Outdoor UAE Magazine – Columbia Powerdrain Shoe

In this months Outdoor UAE we had a pair of Columbia Powerdrain shoes on test.

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My conclusion was

If the idea of a good all round shoe that performs just as well when wet as dry, is nice and grippy on both wet and dry surfaces, looks subtly neat and drys pretty damn quickly to boot appeals then these are the best I’ve seen. I’d recommend these to anyone with a boat, anyone who spends time in and around the water’s edge and particularly to anyone participating in activities like rafting where foot protection is important both in the craft and out on rough watersides where toenails have a tendency to get torn off in the rocks or the soles of feet get cut. Get the right size and these will do most things well wet or dry.

If you want to find out the details get yourself a copy of the magazine

Columbia is available through both Columbia and Sun and Sand Sports stores. You can contact them through their facebook page at



My outdoor camera review: Pentax W90 vs Olympus Tough 8010

For those of you who don’t want to trawl through a whole load of my wafflings I’ll make this really easy and put my verdict at the top and waffle on about the reasonings afterwards.

Olympus Tough: Rubbish, hated it when it worked and now it doesn’t even work, what ever you do don’t buy one.

Pentax W90: Love it, it does exactly what I need an outdoor point and shoot camera to do i.e. take decent shots come rain or shine, kayaking or climbing and live easily and happily in the top of a rucsac, in a jacket pocket or in the front of my buoyancy aid so its handy for when I need it. I would definitely recommend one.

If that’s all you wanted to know then I’d stop here. If you want to know why I’ve come to this conclusion then read on: Continue reading “My outdoor camera review: Pentax W90 vs Olympus Tough 8010”

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