Back lit wine glass

IMG_0027 by ianganderton
IMG_0027, a photo by ianganderton on Flickr.

Camera Canon EOS 550D
Exposure 0.02 sec (1/50)
Aperture f/5.6
Focal Length 135 mm
ISO Speed 100

Back lit with flash 430 EXII fired wirelessly at 1/8th but with a piece of paper over the lens and a diffuser on top of that against a peice of white A4 paper hanging from a tenuous back drop support made from plastic coat hangers zip tied together.

I’ve been experimenting this eve with a view to this months assignment. I’ve been trying to work out what a silhouette is and how to get some depth in an image.

I havent tried to take this sort of image before so I’ve had an interesting evening messing around with the flash. Had a bit of an accident though. Managed to pour wine everywhere while trying to get it into the glass in the dark and operate the laptop which was controlling the camera!!

There is a set of 5 of these images and the others can be found on Flickr HERE. C&C would be gratefully received

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